"The wedding cake was SO beautiful, I did not want to cut it. You are a master at your craft. You are worth every penny! Outstanding and talented baker you are!"...Michelle

International Cake Exploration Societe (ICES), member since 2011

"That was the best cupcake I have ever eaten."...Chris

Thank you for your interest in Iced and Dazzle!

     I'm Linda, and when you choose Iced and Dazzle for your Colorado Springs wedding cake or special occasion cake, you choose me, from measuring the first cup of flour, to the final placement of the final detail. No assistants, no interns, just me. Who am I?

     I took my first cake decorating class in November, 2007. From the very first class, I was hooked! I made my first wedding cake in June, 2008. After that, there weren't many occasions to make decorated cakes. I made cakes for fun and practice and regularly foisted them onto my coworkers and a group of local volunteers. My friends and family all got seriously over the top birthday cakes; even a wedding cake or two. 

     Then, I discovered a whole new world...cake decorating competitions!
I’ve won or placed in competitions at the Colorado State Fair, the El Paso County Fair, Denver’s Sweet Times in the Rockies Cake Show, local live challenges, and in online competitions. My work has been featured in magazines and other publications; I’ve even been invited to preview new cake decorating products.
     Once the Colorado Cottage Food Bill passed in March of 2012, it meant that I could take my hobby to the next level. The next level, for me, was to sell just a few really special cakes a year.

    Iced and Dazzle has grown to more than just a few cakes a year, but I keep true to my original vision of limited cakes, focusing 100% on every last detail of each and every cake.

     I look forward to working with you to create a cake that will DAZZLE!

The wedding cake that started it all!

Baking a Difference for Icing Smiles since 2011

"This was the most delicious chocolate cake ever! Thanks so much for the beautiful and delicious bride and groom cakes!"...Linda

What do you need to know about me and the Colorado Cottage Food bill (Senate Bill 12-048)?
 1. I am certified in safe food handling in accordance with the law (Certificate # C5HA-QJ5GJR); I am fully insured over and above the law's requirements.
 2. I am restricted to making and selling only non-potentially hazardous foods.
 3. My product is produced in a home kitchen that is not subject to state licensure or inspection and that may also process common food allergens such as tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, milk, fish and crustacean shellfish.
4. My products are not for resale.
5. All of my products are labeled to include a complete list of ingredients, the address where the product was prepared (my home), my contact information and the date on which it was prepared.

Colorado/Wyoming ICES, member since 2011, former Secretary, former State Representative

"Everyone was so impressed, not only with the beauty of your artistry, but with how delicious and moist your cake was! Thanks so much for adding to the beauty and blessings of our day!"...Vicki

Co-chair, Sweet Times in the Rockies Cake Show

"Your cake was the star of the party!"...Dawn