*These are premium flavors and cost a bit more than standard. I promise they're worth it!

NOTE: If something isn't on the menu, it means we haven't found and perfected a recipe for it and it's not available.

Other Specialties
Dessert Tables
​Candy Bars

Stand Rentals


Each of Iced and Dazzle's cakes is customized to the recipient. As a result, all cakes are priced to order. Some guidelines to keep in mind...

Cakes start at $6.50 per serving for buttercream and $7.50 per serving for fondant. A serving is a 1" x 2" slice of a 4" tall cake. An 8" round cake "serves" 24. There is a $300 minimum on wedding cake orders and a $150 minimum on special occasion cakes.

Standard cupcakes start at $38.00 per dozen (1 dozen minimum). Large cupcake orders, over three dozen, have a packaging surcharge.

Dessert tables, party styling and candy bars are available and priced to order based on time and material. Detailed dessert menu available upon request.

Contact Iced and Dazzle and I'll work with you to provide a customized quote for your wedding or very special occasion cake!

​The fine print...

​Consultations/Tastings are offered for events over 75 guests and are by appointment only. Meetings are held at Squires Productions Co-op Studio, 750 Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80905. A tasting consists of, at minimum, three flavors of cake and three flavors of buttercream. There is a $30 fee for all tastings, payable in advance and applied towards orders of $500 or more.

The date of the event is considered “booked” upon payment of non-refundable retainer of $50, and the completed, signed contract. Payment of the balance is due two weeks (14 days) prior to the event. For orders placed less than two weeks prior to the event, payment in full is due on booking. 

If for any reason the event must be postponed, it is the client’s responsibility to contact Iced and Dazzle immediately as the requested new date may or may not be available. There is a $75 date change fee.

Changes may be made to the overall design concept, if submitted in writing (email is acceptable), at any time up to two weeks before the event date. Such changes may affect the final cost of the cake and payment for changes will be due upon delivery. Change fees may include costs of items already made or purchased that are no longer usable. No design changes can be made to the order within two weeks of the event date. 

Any changes to serving size or flavors may affect the final cost of the cake and will be added to the amount due two weeks prior to the event. No serving size or flavor changes can be made to the order within two weeks of the event date. All changes are subject to availability. Once contract is in effect and deposit has been paid, the order cannot and will not be adjusted for a smaller guest list.

Serving amounts provided by standard shape cakes are based on the industry standard of 1” x 2” slices. The cake provided will constitute at least the requested industry standard size number of servings when properly served according to the industry standard size. The number of actual servings created during actual service of the cake cannot be guaranteed as methods of slicing, such as serving larger than the industry standard size slice, or other preparations will affect the number of actual servings. The client understands and accepts these terms and variables and has ordered accordingly.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide for the cutting and serving of the cake.

The purchased baked goods may not be suitable for consumption by vegans, vegetarians, nor those with religious dietary restrictions as they may contain various animal products including but not limited to: butter, eggs, honey, milk, etc. It is the responsibility of the client to inform all individuals present of the presence of these ingredients which may be deemed as potentially hazardous to one’s health or as unsuitable for personal consumption due allergies or any dietary restrictions.

A delivery fee of $1.30 per mile or part thereof as determined using Google Maps will be charged, with a minimum of of $20.00. This fee will be added to the final cost of the cake.

Should you elect to pick up and set up the cake, you assume all liability for the integrity of the cake once it passes into yours or your designee's possession. The client cannot hold Iced and Dazzle responsible for any problems that may develop with the cake after is has been transferred to the client or the client’s designee. It is strongly recommended that Iced and Dazzle deliver the cake, as our delivery team has experience in the transport and set up of large cakes of complicated and delicate design.

Iced and Dazzle photographs its cakes and reserves the right to use any photographs so acquired either for our own reference, for display, and/or promotion without compensation to you.

Wedding White                                

Classic Vanilla                        
Deep Dark Chocolate
Swiss Mocha                               
Golden Butter

Pink Champagne
Sugar 'n' Spice
Spiced Pumpkin 
Chinese Five Spice

Chocolate Gingerbread



Premium Cakes*
Classic Marble              
Mocha Marble
Chocolate Peanut Butter Marble     
Lemon-Raspberry Swirl                

Sweet Coconut
Lemon Basil

Very Vanilla  

Chocolate Milk            
Peanut Butter              
Rich Fudge 
Salted Caramel


Orange Cinnamon







Honey Lemon
Premium Buttercreams*


Triple Berry
Irish Creme